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A Happy, Healthy Easter

A Happy, Healthy Easter

You are probably thinking a healthy easter sounds like an oxymoron or just incredibly boring. Regardless, I'm sticking to my strict eating guns and celebrating easter sugar-free. Care to join me? 

The most important thing is to not make the focus just on chocolate and on the epic easter egg hunt. There are loads of craft activities you can do with your kids around the themes of Spring, eggs and bunnies etc before and during easter time. We get well into colouring eggs by dying and painting them. I never bother to blow out the eggs. We just boil them and paint or dye them and eventually eat them. Most health food stores sell non toxic dyes and paints that kids can use. 

Also, a few weeks before Easter, we follow the German tradition of decorating an Easter tree with egg shaped ornaments. To be honest ours is a modest branch in a vase. We surround it with little fluffy chicks, Easter themed books and some bunny ornaments. Very kitsch. 

This year I’m making some of the following delicious goodies:

Homemade chocolate eggs. Get some fun Easter themed moulds and choose your favourite chocolate recipe. Both Pete Evans or IQS recipes work well. I always sub the sweetener for green leaf stevia and often sub the cacao for carob for the very little kids. If you are really short on time simply melt down good quality chocolate (eg Ombar) and shape into eggs.

Bunny tails. Basically take your favourite bliss ball recipe and roll them shredded coconut. Or you could try these white chocolate bunny tails recipe.

Coconut butter Easter bunnies. Try this recipe and use green leaf stevia instead.

Carrot cake. This Hemsley & Hemsley recipe is a real winner.

Chocolate gummies. I am a gelatin addict and therefore will be making these chocolate gummies. Again, substituting the liquid stevia for green leaf stevia or rice malt syrup is recommended. 

Marzipan Easter bunnies. Try this recipe from Hemsley & Hemsley. 

Egg shell brownies. Try this recipe. They look so fab and are worth the effort

Egg love hearts. These are fun and easy to make. Here is a basic visual guide:

The easter egg hunt will include such things as:

  • Homemade chocolate and carob eggs
  • Colourful hard boiled eggs 
  • Fluffy chicks 
  • Egg shaped soaps 
  • Egg shaped candles
  • Easter themed stickers
  • Socks

And that is basically my Easter in a nut-shell or egg-shell rather. 

Speaking of, is there something you can do with all those left over egg shells I hear you ask?

Why yes!

You can turn them into a drink that will aid digestion and provide an eggcellent source of calcium. Just squeeze lemon juice into empty eggshells and refrigerate overnight. Strain and add the juice to warm water and drink first thing the next morning. Basically the lemon juice aids to leach calcium from the eggshells.

Alternatively, follow the Mama Natural guide on making eggshell calcium.   

Happy Easter everyone!



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