Dr. Ness here,

Welcome to my site of no nonsense healthy living. I’m an Aussie mum of two kiddies, food lover and biomedical research doctor.

For 11 years, I investigated cancer and epigenetics, looking at how inflammation and environmental factors influence the activity of our genes and the genetic legacy we pass onto our children.

I started my studies at the University of Sydney and continued my research at the University of Zurich, where I graduated summa cum laude with a PhD in molecular oncology and patented two targeted therapies against cancer.

At the Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research, I continued my research in epigenetics and became interested in how nutrition, among other lifestyle factors, impacts our health and longevity. To sharpen my knowledge even further, I studied Nutrition Science at the School of Medicine at Stanford University.

Five years ago, I left the lab for the kitchen, where I developed a portfolio of delicious and highly nutritious recipes. I studied collagen, and the benefits surrounding this most abundant protein in our bodies, responsible for many of the visible signs of ageing. I researched the optimal way to restimulate its production and developed a line of collagen-based supplements called Formetta. I also built a consulting start-up, Dr. GoodNessMe, for those interested in optimising their health and longevity.

Dr. GoodNessMe offers nutritious and tasty food for kids and adults, cutting through marketing noise and replacing it with evidence-based facts.

Created out of love for good food and real science, Dr. GoodNessMe’s products range from breads & savoury to smart cookies, clean-cakes and raw vegan treats. They’re wholesome, guilt-free and delicious, and are available now to order.

I provide personal consultations and give workshops on how to optimise your health and wellbeing.

Find the diet that suits your body and lifestyle, solve your health issues, learn how to eat clean and get more nutrients from your food.